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Quotes Thanks to Deanna at Seams Nice my daughter has a quilt that wraps her up in warmth and love. It is a huge quilt with all her favorite colors and images. I am sure that other quilt makers would use a child's favorite colors and images but Deanna went beyond that. My child has special needs so she used different textures that would help support her sensory needs. She didn't ask, she didn't tell me, she just did and what a touching surprise. She also sewed hearts onto the quilt; well that melted my heart! The quality of the quilt is certainly made to last which is exactly what I wanted. The quilt looks great in her room when it's not being used by Madison, or me but just sometimes when no one is watching. Its more than a quilt it is a gift of love and one we will treasure for year to come. Quotes
Tammy Butler
Amazed customer and mom

Quotes Deanna made my daddy a queen size quilt out of my mother's t-shirts. She passed away in September, I wanted to give my daddy a forever memory of my mother. Thank you Deanna!!! Quotes
Gail Matthews
My Mother

Quotes Deanna makes the most beautiful quilts. Her work is top quality!!!​ (and she makes them with heart!) Quotes
Heather Miller
Buddy League

Quotes This was a gift for our little guy born in April and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is so versatile...starting out, it was great for "tummy time" then we graduated to sittting up and playing on it. We also use it for napping and bedtime! Thanks Seams Nice!!! Quotes
Sandy Wallace
Monkey Quilt

Quotes Deanna made for my son who graduated in the class of 2011. I saved most of his t-shirts from kindergarten to 12th grade in hopes of finding someone who could make a quilt as a graduation gift. Amazingly, I was blessed to have Deanna in my circle of friends. She created this quilt and my son is VERY VERY happy. His exact comment: "This quilt is as long as I am and very thick, I love it". Just that comment was worth the money paid to have it made. THANKS DEANNA. Quotes
Jackie Lewis
Proud Mom

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you so much for my wall quilt! It means so much to me to finally have a wonderful keepsake of someone that meant so much to me that was taken so quickly from my family. Words can not express the joy I felt when I saw the quilt completed for the first time! The workmanship was superb, every detail of the stitching, alignment, order of the photos, and t-shirt were exactly as I pictured them to be. I couldn?t have asked for a better pair of women to put together memories that now will last a lifetime hung on my wall! Thank you again! Sincerely, Angie Pesek Quotes
Photo quilt

Quotes Deanna made me two of the most adorable baby t-shirt quilts. She impressed me not only with her skill and the speed she worked but also with her eye for color and her willingness to listen in order to get you the quilt you want. Every time I have an idea, I'll ring or email her to see if it's possible and she always says 'It's your quilt. I can do it the way you want it.' The end result was even better than I expected - seeing all my sons' baby clothes lovingly quilted together brings back so many good memories and I know we'll have these quilts for years to come. Thank you Deanna! Aileng @ Preston Hollow but soon-to-be London Quotes
Satisfied Mom

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