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Longarm pricing

 All prices include the batting and the thread, customer is responsible for backing material

Crib                        36 X 54                  $50.00

Lap                         54 X 72                  $95.00

Twin                      63 X 87                  $125.00

Double/Full        78 X 87                  $165.00

Queen                  84 X 92                  $175.00

King                       108 X 108             $240.00


This pricing is for a finished quilt that the customer has done the top for.

These prices DO include the price of the batting and thread.  Seams Nice works with Warm & Natural to keep the cost of the batting down, if the customer would prefer to use a different batting than Warm & Natural then the customer is responsible for obtaining the batting that they prefer. Customer IS responsible for the backing material of the quilt and the material for the binding, amount for each quilt size is mentioned above.  

Material for binding can be supplied by Seams Nice, if client wants a special binding then it is the client’s responsibility to provide the material. All of our binding is done with mitered corners, and then hand sewn down to the back of the quilt. If you need to know how much material to purchase for each size of quilt just contact us.

Pricing for hand sewing binding to the quilt

Crib - $20

Twin - $35

Full/Double - $45

Queen - $50

King - $65

All pricing does include the cost of thread at this time. Pricing for quilting is for simple designs. Some of the designs are shown on this page. More complicated designs are done with custom pricing.


All custom quilts are designed on EQ7, so that the customer can see the quilt before the cutting and sewing process. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MATERIAL ON CUSTOM QUILTS. Quilting prices are the same, as well as other costs. Each custom quilt is priced differently according to the difficulty of the blocks. Please contact us for information on custom quilts.


Picture quilts are done on a custom basis, pricing is determined by the amount of pictures and the complexity of the quilt.

Picture Pillows

12 x 12 - $30.00

If you would like embroidery one the pillow please add $10.00


T-Shirt quilt pricing is as follows, pricing does include the backing material of the quilt. T-shirt quilts are based on a 12.5  x 12.5 block size, amount of t-shirts  may change due to different sizes of blocks.

Crib Size - $100.00 9 shirts

Lap - $150.00 12 shirts

Twin - $250.00 this is around 15 t-shirts

Full/Queen - $350.00 this around 25 to 30 t-shirts

King - $500.00 this is around 40 to 50 t-shirts.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns for each and every one of our potential customers.


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